Spray-Lock 3500 Sheet Vinyl Flooring Adhesive is a game changer when it comes to installing sheet vinyl in healthcare facilities and in other time-sensitive installations. Typical sheet vinyl installations using epoxies for heavy static/rolling loads require a cure time of 48-72 hours, depending on the manufacturer. Spray-Lock 3500 allows for heat welding and access to the flooring immediately after the installation is completed. Plus, when using Spray-Lock 3500 to install flooring in occupied spaces, there is no need to shut down the HVAC or use fans to exhaust fumes from the building. With Spray-Lock 3500, installation is expedited, allowing immediate patient room occupancy with no loss of revenue to the hospital.


• Immediately allows all traffic (including hospital beds)
• Heat weld same day
• 8 lbs. vapor emissions/ 95% RH / 11 pH
• No need to shut down HVAC in occupied space
• Wax and finish floor immediately
• No offensive odors
• Non-flammable
• 0.02 g/ml VOC content (lowest in the industry)

3500 Sheet Flooring Adhesive


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