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Job Description


Service key Chicago area architectural firms and end users. Develop relationships to enhance our position in the specification process and get our products on projects. Work in conjunction with the Commercial Sales Specialists to drive projects through the specification channel and work to resolve any "roadblocks" that hinder the sales process.  


Job Summary


Assist the VP of Commercial Sales, Commercial Consultants (CC) and Commercial Sales Director (CSD) with product lead tracking/data, sampling inventory and sales of EJW commercial flooring and related products. The CSS team is a central resource and repository, working with the CSD on project data and job specific pricing. The CSS team will work directly with Branch Managers to facilitate commercial orders, and serve as the lead customer support for Key Commercial Accounts.




Primary Job Duties

Project Development, Tracking & Pricing



  • Develop and forward relevant project leads to the company’s CC specification representatives. Primary source for project leads is through the company’s McGraw Hill Dodge subscription. Additional info can be found in Business Journal and other trade publications. Once a project is identified as an opportunity this information is entered into Prioritizer CRM Software for follow-up.


  • Develop top 25-50 accounts and compile bi-weekly reports on status updates and new project development. All information to be cross-referenced with Prioritizer CRM software.


  • For significant flooring projects past the design stage and excluding EJW products; it shall be the CSS responsibility to communicate this opportunity to the CSD for the purpose of changing the specification to the correct products (ours), or at a minimum—listing EJW products as equal.  This will be done primarily through the Weekly Bid List Report and teleconference follow-up.


  • CSD directs and facilitates all project-specific Price Quote pricing for Flooring Dealers and Contractors; CSS will assist CSD with jobs quotes. Special costs from Manufacturers may need to be attained to enhance margins.  Once pricing has been determined, the EJW Price Quote is generated through the Prioritizer CRM system.  When finalized, it is forwarded to the EJW Territory Manager, Branch Manager and CC (when specifications are involved).


  • All “negotiated” project requests shall be researched by the CSS and cross referenced with the opportunities in Prioritizer to be sure that a project “brought” to EJW by one of its dealer/contractor customers is not a project involving our CC Specification Representatives. When it is a project brought to us by a customer, an opportunity is added with special notation that no special pricing is authorized or permitted for any other customers that may call for pricing on that specific project.  Additionally, the CSS will communicate with CSS and CSD in E.C. to create Project Price Quote and provide to customer.  A designation at the end of the Project Name with “SP” will ensure additional quotes are not at the same price.


  • Additionally the CSS will initiate the process of obtaining Special Price Authorizations and Joblocks from vendors to secure healthy EJW margins while taking into consideration the advantage that is required with dual distribution in a competitive market, as well as special production products.


  •  Once a Job Quote project has been awarded to one of our flooring dealers/contractors; it is the responsibility of CSS team to track project stages throughout quote and order entry process, as well as Bid List and Prioritizer CRM updates. 


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