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Fifty seven years ago Edward Welch set out on a goal to build a flooring distributor that prided itself on dedication, professionalism, and above all service to its customers. Over a half century later E.J. Welch has become a leader in flooring and sundry distribution in the Mid-West.

Now, E.J. Welch is looking toward a new goal. Becoming a leader in flooring and sundry distribution nationwide. To do that we needed to find partners that shared our same values, our same vision, and our same commitment to customer service and satisfaction. What we found was a group of three companies that would become family.

Over 50 years ago Jack Trick opened Southland Flooring Supplies in one location in Louisville Kentucky. Through hard work and superior customer service he grew the company into a leader in flooring supplies, and the installers go to choice for expert advice. In 2017 E.J. Welch joined forces with Southland. Southland not only brought a solid product offering and professional expertise, but also a reach into markets that E.J. Welch had previously not been. With the addition of Southland to the E.J. Welch brand we were able to bring on ten new branches in seven states; reaching all the way from Tennessee to Colorado, and even Hawaii.

In 1938 Self’s Inc was established in Wichita, Kansas as a retail floor covering company. Over the past 80 years they grew into one of the premier boutique flooring wholesalers in the central United States. In 2018 E.J. Welch was proud to welcome them into the family. Self’s brought four new branches under the E.J. Welch flag in both Kansas and Oklahoma, along with the kind of expertise that only comes with being in the flooring business for over eight decades.

As E.J. Welch continued to grow it became clear that there was one market that was going to be important for us to establish ourselves in order to fulfill our goal. In 1950 Specialty Products Company opened its doors in the state of Texas, and has been serving delighted customers ever since. Specialty brought an uncommon ability to help E.J. Welch set up a world class operation in a unique market like Texas. With this merger E.J. Welch brought on an additional two locations along with a salesforce that is second to none.

E.J. Welch, Southland, Self’s, and Specialty; four great family companies are now one. The new E.J. Welch is the only flooring distributor that can bring you the resources of a national company, yet still give you the personal touch that you expect from a locally owned business. A lot has changed since E.J. Welch opened its doors over fifty years ago, but one thing has remained the same; together we are committed to bringing our customers the best products, the best prices, and the best service. 


Thank you for being a partner in our growth, and we look forward to what the next fifty years brings us. 

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